Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls

Proceeds support the Adult & Youth Programs of Leadership Wichita Falls.

Now is your opportunity to own one of the iconic horses and join The Mane Event!

The Mane Event is a public arts project of Leadership Wichita Falls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recruitment, development, and preparation of individuals for civic leadership while providing a foundation and ongoing opportunities for community involvement.​

About Mane Event

The Mane Event began as a project of the Leadership Wichita Falls (LWF) Class of 2007, raising nearly $150,000 for Faith Mission, Patsy’s House and Downtown Wichita Falls Development. Over 70 painted fiberglass horses decorated by local artists are now a part of the Wichita Falls landscape, decorating businesses, parks, and facilities throughout the city.

Interested in ordering a horse or learning more about The Mane Event? 

Please email us at: maneeventwf@gmail.com

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